SAMMI PRECION Inspection Fixture 3D
  • 1994.09     Sammi Precision Co., Ltd. Established
    1995.07     Registered as subcontractor to Daewoo Motor
    1996.05     Registered as subcontractor to Hyundai Kia Motors
    1998.03     Developed S/BODY checking fixture
SAMMI PRECION Servo Hemming 3D
  • 2000.01     Relocated to new building. Head office & Dalcheon factory
    2000.08     Permitted to establish Technology Research Center
    2001.02     Obtained ISO9001 certification
    2006.07     Relocated to new building. Head office & Maegok factory
    2008.10     Developed L38 hemming machine for Renault Samsung Motors
    2009.05     Established China Shenyang Sammi Automation Facility Co., Ltd.
    2009.11     Awarded 10 million dollars export
SAMMI PRECION Roller  Hemming 3D
  • 2010.06     Established Gyeong-in Office
    2010.10     Added reinforced processing business (taper sleeve)
    2011.05     Obtained KEPIC quality system certificate
    2012.01     Awarded Hyundai Kia Motors subcontractor of the year
    2014.09     Innovative SME selected
    2014.10     Technology innovative SME selected
    2014.11     Venture Enterprise selected
    2014.11     Expanded and relocated to Gyeong-in branch
    2015.04     Ulsan IP Star Enterprise selected
    2015.06     Ulsan Techno Park Emerging Company selected