Automotive Body Welding Assembly Area

Since the needs of customers diversify, it is necessary to change into the flexible manufacturing system in the Automotive production process to meet such needs of customers. It is further required to equip the precise system of facility due to the fact that Automotive body production system directly impacts the quality. We have been constantly striving to provide the production system to meet the customer satisfaction and are committed to providing the Automotive body production facility of high precision and high quality based on many years of experience in the manufacturing of Automotive body production facility and R & D field.

1 Main Body Line


This is the key line of the Automotive body production line to process and assembly both U / body complete and Upper body (Side Frame L / R, Roof, Cowl & Dash, Package Tray) and a pre / main buck is the key facility of the main body line.

2 Floor Line/Side Line

SAMMI PRECION Floor Line/Side Line
SAMMI PRECION Floor Line/Side Line

Side body is a key component of the Upper body and is processed and assembled separately in two parts of Inner and Outer and finally combined together for completion. It is divided off into LH and RH which is symmetrical with respect to the production line excluding specific parts.

3 Moving Line


It is a line producing Door, Hood (Bonnet), Trunk Lid, Fender, etc. and completing through welding, sealing, and hemming etc. of each component. It also affects significantly the appearance of automobile body.