Inspection Fixture System

The safety becomes an important issue for automobile which has a close relationship with our lives following the trend of increased recognition and importance of safety. Especially the interests of consumers have been increased with the quality of Automotive body assembly accuracy degree directly related to the safety.
Accordingly when developing new models, the checking fixtures are utilized to enhance the quality of product design, component assembly, and manufacturing facility through assembly and disassembly of Automotive body before welding facility is equipped. Our company has strictly applied accuracy rate following our accumulated know-how based on our various experience in manufacturing inspection JIG of Automotive assembly component and checking fixture of SCREW BODY assembly.
We contributed to provide assembly method of trial Automotive body so as to shorten the production of high quality Automotive body and new car developing period of our customers through the supply of checking fixture of high precision.

1 Checking Fixture

Body In White Assmebly

Moving Assembly(Door)

Moving Assembly(Hood)

Moving Assembly(Trunk)

2 Apature Guage