SM Servo Hemming System

1 Development Background

Hemming method for automobile body production process has mainly used the hydraulic power for power source but recently is gradually proceeding to eliminate the hydraulic power according to the latest environmentally-friendly policies.
To respond the trend the major automobile companies including subcontractors have a tendency to focus on developing roller hemming making use of robot and electric hemming making use of motor.
However, roller hemming using robot are indicated to have several weak points such as unsuitability to apply for mass production line due to excessive process time, possibility to occur quality dispersion depending on robot operation skills, and necessity to conduct the regular inspection of calibration to maintain a constant quality.
To supplement all of these problems we have developed hemming system utilizing servo motor for one of the options.

2 Specification Of SM Servo Hemming System

Size(mm) 730*690*740 944*680*676
Force(kgf) 15,000 25,000
Cycle Time (Sec) (except form part loading / unloading) 14 14

3 SM Servo Hemming Features

Features No.1
Easy adjustments of pressure force and time facilitate the management of hemming quality
Features No.2
Minimizing Cycle Time through implementation of Pre Punch and Main Punch 1STEP operation
Features No.3
Possible implementation of Pre Punch and Main Punch 2STEP operation depending on the characteristics of the panel
Features No.4
Effective line configuration to reduce facility space optimization
Features No.5
Improvement of work environment and noise and reduction of cost by eliminating hydraulic
Features No.6
Improvement of maintenance and preservation due to the simplicity of configuration mechanism and opening of equipment upper portion
Features No.7
Improvement of recyclability on standardization of hemming unit

4 Layout of Hemming Punch Unit

SAMMI PRECION Layout of Hemming Punch Unit
SAMMI PRECION Layout of Hemming Punch Unit

5 Structure Of SM Servo Hemming

SAMMI PRECION Structure Of SM Servo Hemming 01